Corning CA Hotels Is a Great Location For Your Next Corporate Event

By | 2020-07-12

If you are in the market for a location for your next corporate outing, a spectacular location that encompasses rolling hills and stately homes, as well as great cultural amenities, would be Corning, CA. Corning is home to several beautiful hotels, along with great dining and entertainment options. For a full listing of Corning banquet venues, click here.

rolling hills casino corning ca buffet

When choosing a Corning hotel for your next corporate function, you should always make sure to pick one that is near a Corning casino. If you have plans to have dinner and drinks on the property, make sure that you book ahead of time so that you can be assured of no reservations lines. There are many local Corning hotels that are open to the public, including Corning Plaza Hotel and Corning Motel, which are right next door to an exhilarating and relaxing casino. As you know, Corning casinos are famous for providing excellent food and entertainment, along with amazing hospitality.

For those who plan to hold their private functions at the Corning casino, there are also many award-winning accommodations that are available. The hotel Grand Plaza is a three-star hotel located directly next to the Corning Casino Resort. The grand ballroom features ceiling to floor paintings by art legend Salvador Dali. This luxurious hotel has rooms that range from standard to executive suites.

Located directly across the street from the casino, the Sheraton Las Vegas Hotel offers luxury accommodations for your special event. The hotel features world-class cuisine and five star service. On the hotel’s top floor, there is the latest room, the Bellagio Suite, which is perfect for an elegant afternoon in Vegas.

The Bellagio Suite features an aquarium with two touch-screen Aquariums, allowing guests to view aquarium photos, and even a personalized digital clock. Each room also includes a virtual whiteboard, personal chef, personal butler, and a Jacuzzi tub. On top of this, each room also has a super premium bath and oversized over-sized toiletries!

While you are looking for a hotel in Corning, CA, there are several nice Corning hotels that are available. One is the Ace Hotel, located near the Corning Casino Resort. This hotel is easily accessible from Corning airports, offering transportation throughout Corning, including pick-up and drop-off, to and from the airport.

If you are looking for a hotel that is located in the heart of Corning, you can check out the 3-star Heritage Hotel in Corning, which has a breakfast buffet reception area, perfect for all your guests. There is also a restaurant in the hotel with a full bar. Guests will also find a conference room and meeting space.

Most Corning hotels are fully equipped with the latest electronic equipment and will provide every amenity needed for your event. There are many other fun-filled Corning activities available for your family and friends. Corning, CA is full of beautiful scenery, outdoor activities, casinos, and so much more.