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Calley: Part-time legislature is a better form of government

We have taken great strides to improve our state over the last several years, but one key area still needing reform is how the lawmaking process works. Forty-one other states operate under a part-time legislative system. Our method of full-time year-round lawmaking leads to excessive posturing and procrastination because there is no real deadline to […]

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To The Point: Calley talks part-time state legislature

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. (WOOD) — When Lt. Gov. Brian Calley made a special announcement on Mackinac Island, many people thought it would be the beginning of his race for governor. Many people still believe he will run. But what he talked about on the island was something completely different, a part-time legislature. Political Reporter Rick Ablin asked him […]

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Part-time legislature very worthy of state consideration

Some states have part-time legislatures, some do not and some are in-between, with legislators in those “hybrid states” typically not earning enough to make a living without another source of income. In fact, the National Conference of State Legislatures lumps states into three categories: green, with full-time, well-paid large staffs; gray, which includes hybrids; and […]

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Part- vs. full-time Legislatures: Here’s how it works in other states

LANSING, Mich. — Michigan’s Legislature employs lawmakers full-time year-round, but maybe not for much longer. On Tuesday, Republican Lt. Gov. Brian Calley announced his support of a ballot initiative to amend the state Constitution to make Michigan’s Legislature part-time. The Clean MI Government initiative would be on the statewide ballot if enough signatures are collected. […]

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Lt. Gov. Brian Calley pushes for part-time legislature before Mackinac Policy Conference

MACKINAC, Mich. – Before the Mackinac Policy Conference begins Wednesday, Michigan’s Lt. Gov. Brian Calley pushed for implementing a part-time legislature. Calley’s plan would cut the work and pay of the legislature in half, something that is already working in most of the country. “There’d be less time to propose thousands of new laws each […]

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Lt. Governor Brian Calley Announces Plans to Make Michigan Legislature Part-Time

“Move over establishment, because the people of the state of Michigan are about to take the driver’s seat, join us.” Lieutenant Governor Brian Calley announced Tuesday he’s leading the way to try and make Michigan’s legislature part time. Calley has been teasing the announcement for about a month and Tuesday he followed through at the […]

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